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Work Effects guides organizations with its Trust & CapacityTM model to unlock the people barriers to achieving business objectives.  Typically 70% or more of an organization’s expenses are on people, thus focusing efforts to optimize this human capital can pay enormous dividends throughout the organization.  This Trust & Capacity solution quickly identifies the root cause of workforce issues and targets the proper resources in the right workgroups to produce exceptional organizational performance.

Working with the Work Effects Trust & Capacity model, organizations can move from increasing organizational trust to increasing organization capacity. The framework of this process is:

  1. Organizational Trust – If employees are to actively commit to their work, they need to believe in their organization and be aligned with its vision for the future. In other words, employees must trust their organization is headed in the right direction, is working toward noble goals, and believe in its leader. Outcomes: attraction, commitment, alignment.

  2. Individual Trust – Employees need to feel their organization believes in them, treats them fairly, and gives them the resources and direction to succeed. The actions of the leaders, managers and team members significantly impact the quality of an employee's work experience and the type of relationships that are formed. Outcomes: retention, engagement, satisfaction and ownership.

  3. Individual Capacity – In a trusting culture where employees feel connected to their organization, their team, and their work, an employee will take greater pride and ownership in developing their skills and producing results. Outcomes: productivity, quality, innovation, continuous improvement.

  4. Organizational Capacity – When an organization develops a collective of employees who are committed to the organization, have trusted relationships, and take pride and ownership of their work, it results in efficiency, adaptability, and innovation that will position the organization to achieve unbounded success. Outcomes: profitability, market share, stakeholder value, revenue, brand value, sustainability.

To further support our position, a May 2009 global survey of senior executives conducted for Deloitte by Forbes Insights found that “65% reported they were highly or very highly concerned that high-potential talent and leadership would leave once the economy turns and 52% of surveyed executives predicted an increase in voluntary turnover at their companies once the recession ends, four times the number expecting a decrease.” The time is now to address this area.

About Work Effects
Work Effects, located in downtown Minneapolis, is a consulting firm with over twenty years of experience.  We help our clients deliver strategic results by developing more trusted leaders and organizations through training, coaching, and assessment programs.  With innovative solutions in the areas of leadership development, culture management, and performance management we have become an industry leader in building trust from the inside out.  We construct programs that are as unique as the client’s organization.  Our modular solutions use scientific tools such as our Revolution 360TM which assesses a leader's transformational capabilities, our Trust & CapacityTM survey, which identifies the root culture drivers of an organization,  our Performance Sum TM, which measures and tracks individual and organizational performance, and our Conflict Lens TM, which identifies constructive outcomes to conflict in the work-place.  We work with clients ranging from mid-cap to Fortune 100 companies.  Our highly experienced team of employees and consultants is very passionate about our work and the impact we have on others.

For more information on Trust & Capacity, please click HERE.

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