Work Effects Launches New Corporate Website

To better educate clients and prospects on the unique expertise it provides, Work Effects, a trust-based leadership development and performance management company located in Minneapolis, has launched a completely updated corporate website.

“We approach leadership development and performance management much differently than our competitors. Although surveys and assessments are necessary to gather actionable data, we function much like a management consulting firm would, working alongside senior management as they implement their strategic objectives,” said managing partner Michael Stewart.

The new website (, was internally developed in less than ninety days using a leading modular platform that allows for significant flexibility in design and content management. The site is organized on the firm’s three practice areas in which Work Effects concentrates: Leadership Development, Organization & Culture, and Performance Management. It also includes a number of product sheets, case studies and sample reports that help inform visitors on how trust is at the heart of every program that Work Effects develops.

“We’re proud of the new website and feel that it is a reflection of the trust message that we intend to communicate to the market in 2011,” said Stewart. “Since we started Work Effects, our clients have embraced our unique trust-based partnership approach and our programs have been instrumental in helping them meet business objectives.”

Trust is at the core of any program that Work Effects implements for its clients and its programs reflect the impact it has within an organization.   Conversely, ignoring trust through ignorance or inattention will affect business objectives rendering them more difficult or impossible to achieve. As reflected by the new website, Work Effects is grounded in proven techniques adopted from both the management consulting and human resources industries. A Work Effects engagement starts with the question “what is the organization’s present level of trust and how can we help them improve it.”

About Work Effects
Work Effects offers over 20 years of research and practice in developing trust throughout an organization, its leadership and its workforce. Work Effects builds programs that are as unique as your organization. Modular solutions, centered on the  4-R Model of Transformational Leadership, includes talent and experience assessments, Revolution 360TM, Conflict LensTM dilemma based leadership training, individual and group coaching, and follow-up Check-Up 360TM assessments. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 612-333-4272 for more information.

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Transformational leaders come in many forms and they may not be whom you expect them to be. Uncovering who they are, what are their strengths and how you can help them improve, is an important process that substantially contributes to an organization’s bottom line success. Utilizing the Work Effects Revolution 360TM survey assessment, clients have a proven tool to get the most out of their current and future leaders.

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