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As organizations emerge from the darkness of the recent recession, today’s business environment has become increasingly challenging and complex. Competitors you never knew you had are now breathing down your neck. Top talent is getting restless and hinting they might find a better “situation”. Global competitors are entering your markets, driving down your prices. Communications is getting faster and make turnaround times even shorter.  Entire industries and technologies are becoming irrelevant before our eyes. With all this being said, what doesn’t change is the need for educated, trained, talented and TRUSTED leaders.

Trust’s impact on an organization can’t be underestimated.  It isn’t a soft concept, but a hard asset. Conversely, ignoring trust through ignorance or inattention will affect business objectives rendering them more difficult or impossible to achieve. Creating a highly trusted organization led by trusted leaders should be one of your most important goals. Who you are, both as an individual and as an organization, is a reflection of your level of trust.

Like a bank account, trust slowly grows over time. In today’s global economy, an organization and its leaders that lack trust, face a proverbial hole in the dike; it starts to trickle out and if it isn’t plugged fast, becomes a deluge.

For more than twenty years Work Effects has helped its clients build better leaders and more trustworthy organizations. Using tested tools like our Trust & CapacityTM survey that focuses on organizational trust, our Revolution 360TM that assesses leadership development, PerformanceSUMTM, which measures and evaluates performance, and our Conflict LensTM which addresses conflict in the workplace, we know how to help organizations identify where they are having trust challenges and how best to alleviate them.

Work Effects organizes its practice into three areas: Leadership Development, Organization & Culture, and Performance Management.  We work with some of the largest organizations in the world and leverage the combined expertise of a highly-talent group of consultants to help us deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Contact Work Effects at 612-333-4272 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

, PerformanceSUMTM, which measures and evaluates performance,
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If you are looking for a street-tested performance management system, look no further than PerformanceSUMTM. This industrial strength system has a library of over 65 competencies arranged in 11 super-factor groups to help managers get the most from their employees. With the flexibility to accommodate up to 50,000 participants on a global platform, PerformanceSUM’s modular system can handle the needs of an organization including goal setting, appraisals, 360s, mid-year reviews and succession management.

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