Work Effects Participates in Chief Learning Officer Article on Leadership

Work Effects participated in a recent article written by Ladan Nikravan, associate editor at Chief Learning Officer.  The article "Focusing on Individual Leadership Development for Organizational Growth", addressed an important area, that of individual development in the context of the organization.

According to the article, to benefit an organization, leaders need to concentrate on individual development.  If they do that, then the organization will also benefit.  Michael Stewart, the Managing Director of Work Effects, was quoted in the article:

"Leaders need to have curiosity about how to best continually develop new programs and activities that will attract new hires and retain existing ones.  Frequently what they do is just think what the competencies are to make more widgets more effectively. It can't simply be about competencies. It has to be about creating an environment that will inspire people to go beyond what we've already thought of..."

Mr. Stewart was also able to explain the BASICTM virtues which are part of the 4R Model of Transformation Leadership and is the basis under which Work Effects builds its leadership development programs:

"A good learning leader draws out an employee's individualism. To do that you need to capitalize on core virtues (BASICTM) — beneficial partnerships, aligned emotions, sustained determination, intellectual flexibility and character. If a manager just uses a linear problem-solving skill set, they're less likely to be able to draw in the insight, passion, skills and opportunity drivers of an employee, as well as gain any substantial commitment to execute whatever mutual approaches to projects they've agreed upon."

The article appeared on Chief Learning Officer's website in April.

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